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People often say;-

•   Why service the alarm system

     when it is working okay?

•   I hardly ever switch it on!

Lets look at some of the reasons below.

How alarms systems work…   There is more to it than meets the eye….

Alarm systems are installed in a home to protect property and persons. When first fitted, the batteries are new and reliable, but as years pass they deteriorate. Sometimes they fail, which is often unknown by the user, as everything appears to be working fine. This is because the mains power is keeping the system working despite the failed backup battery. Most systems have batteries in the bell boxes also, so that if the main panel is attacked, the bell box or siren will still sound.  

How often do you hear sirens or bells sound when there is a power cut in the area? This is generally a sign of a faulty system that needs attention. Failed batteries can often blow the fuses, or damage the battery charger inside, which can be more costly to fix compared to just changing the battery.

 As well as the batteries that need checking each visit, it is vital the alarm panel functions and keypads work in order to cancel an alarm or set the system.  Connected to the alarm panel are the intruder detection sensors, which can over time be affected by paint, insects, and damage. It is essential that these work well to protect the property and the persons inside. Panic pushes are added to a system to activate sirens and bells regardless of whether the alarm is set or not.   

Automatic dialler units can be connect to the system to use telephone wires to raise intruder activity in a property to a remote standby station or relative or friend.

Our Alarm service checks 57 items on your system, and this includes record updates, key holders, and informing your standby people when you are away.

 Take peace of mind knowing that standby help is available for you to continue your holiday without having to return home.